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The German automaker Volkswagen has established its dominance in the British market rapidly with its unique models. Some iconic models like VW Beetle, VW Polo, and VW Golf are the brainchild of Volkswagen's efficient engineers. These models have helped the brand gain wide popularity in the United Kingdom.

Are you interested in selling your Volkswagen car at a fair rate? Then, stop wasting your time looking for a dealer offline. Instead, find out the worth of your Volkswagen at Cash It Car UK.


We are the ultimate solution to your “sell my Volkswagen car” searches. So, rest assured to get the HIGHEST PRICE for your Volkswagen model based on the current market rates.


What makes us an ideal “sell my VW” destination?

Easy and quick valuation

Why opt for a tedious traditional way to know the resale value of your Volkswagen when we are here?

Instead, use our FREE CAR VALUATION TOOL to get an accurate price.

First, provide your vehicle's registration number and few other details, such as model name, mileage etc., on the tool. Next, press the "Value My Car" option. An estimated amount will appear on the screen.

Reminder: Enter the accurate details to avoid any hassle. An incorrect data will change the amount.

Accurate valuation

To maintain transparency with our customers, we use an innovative computerised system to keep a close eye on the current market values of all cars. This way, we keep up a fair pricing policy. Also, the system determines the rate based on the demand and seasonality.

Brief car inspection and minimal documentation

If you are happy with our online quotation, schedule an online appointment with us for a brief car examination. In this process, we generally check if the details you submitted online are correct or not. If they stand accurate, we will offer you our rate. This entire procedure takes around 30 minutes.


Instant payment facility

When you choose us to “sell my Volkswagen”, you unlock two ways to receive payments.

  • In cash- You can collect the amount instantly on the same day from us.
  • Via bank transfer- Help us with your bank details, and we will initiate the transaction then and there. It may take up to four days for the amount to get credited.

Additional benefits

  • We can assist you in dealing with any outstanding loan payments before you sell your Volkswagen.
  • We boast 20 stores across the country for your convenience.
  • If you are busy and cannot bring your VW model to our store, we will collect it from any location within the country.
  • We only employ our highly competent technicians to undertake the 30 minutes assessment.

What are the factors that impact the resale value of a car?

To offer you the HIGHEST PRICE, we evaluate a few factors like-

  • Current market values
  • Total mileage 
  • Service records
  • Security features
  • Optional extras
  • Number of previous owners
  • Current condition and other

To learn more about why we are the best answer to your “sell my car online” queries, contact us on 01527916838 or 07774 498499.