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Terms & Conditions

1. About this website

https://www.cashitcaruk.com is a website owned and operated by Cash It Car UK. We are an online car-buying platform in Leicester. We have been operating for over 25 years. We are located at 49 Kidderminster Rd, Bromsgrove B61 7LA, UK.

2. This page

This page offers you a number of terms that will govern your access to our website, the online tools, and services via a computer, mobile phone or some other device. Hence, we request you to kindly go through every clause of the terms & conditions enlisted herein carefully before you use our website.

We also recommend you to keep a copy of the terms for your future reference.

You must continue to use our website only after agreeing to comply with these terms and conditions.

If you do not agree to any of the terms mentioned on this page, please do not use the website.

3. All other applicable terms & policies

Apart from the terms and conditions, your use of the website will also be governed by

Our privacy policies - This policy will set out all the terms based on which we process the personal data that we collect from you or the ones you share with us. By agreeing to our privacy policies, you agree to abide by all its clauses and warrant that all data you provide are accurate.

Cookie policies - All features of this website will operate optimally only if you agree to our cookie policy. The cookies help us to provide you with a more personalised browsing experience. It also allows you to navigate through our website’s pages conveniently.

4. Changes to the terms & conditions

We hold the absolute right to update, change, or modify the terms and conditions at our own discretion without prior notice. All such changes in the terms will become effective from the day those are updated on our website. Your continued use of our services will show your acceptance of such changes.

5. Permitted use of our Free valuation tool

Our free online valuation tool is specifically designed to help private car owners or individual businesses willing to sell their vehicles, i.e. not as a part of any commercial activity.

The tool helps you obtain an estimated valuation of your vehicle and provide you with an opportunity to sell your vehicles to us.

Please note that you are only permitted to use our free online valuation tool for non-commercial purposes. Any use of our online valuation tool for commercial purposes like obtaining an estimated valuation of your car to sell it to any third parties is strictly prohibited.

We duly monitor the use of our free online valuation tool and use advanced technology that helps us track any improper, unethical, and commercial use of our valuation tool. If found any, we may charge a certain amount of fees for all the unauthorised valuations you conducted using our free online valuation tool. The amount of such fee will be strictly based on what purpose and how you had accessed and used our valuation tool.

6. Permitted use of our website

In order to maintain and ensure the safe functionality of our website, website tools, and service for everyone, there are certain things that you must refrain from doing. These include:

  • You must not transmit any material design that can interrupt, destroy, damage or limit the functionality or accessibility of our website and the services.
  • You should not try to get access to the unauthorised parts of our website. This includes all the non-public parts, the server on which this website is stored, or as a matter of fact, information about any server, computer or database connected to the website, etc.
  • You are strictly prohibited from using any automated process, software, program, web crawler, spider, data mining, “screen scraping" software, program, process or system.
  • You must not use our website to create, check, confirm, modify, amend or update your or any other person's records, database or directories.
  • You should not use our website in any fraudulent, unlawful, abusive or offensive manner. You must avoid doing anything that can interfere with anyone else's enjoyment of our website or services.

7. Terms regarding availability of and access to our

Please note we do not guarantee this website to be free from viruses or bugs. It is completely your responsibility to make all arrangements needed to have safe access to this website. Also, you need to use your own virus protection software.

We do not provide any assurance that our website, its contents, or the services will be available to you without any interruption or be free from bugs and errors. Also, we may withdraw, suspend, change or discontinue all or parts of this website, including your access, at our own discretion for any reason and at any time without any prior notice.

Use of this website and its services in accordance with personal, non-commercial purposes, with absolute compliance with the terms, is completely free of charge.

However, if you use our website and services for any commercial purposes or in any other way which is not in accordance with the clauses of sections 5 & 6 above, we may issue an invoice against such act. The amount of such invoices will be based on each valuation you process using our Free Online Valuation tool and also on how and for what purpose you have used our tool.

We also completely reserve all rights to take additional action against you deemed fit by us if you use our website or services for any commercial purposes or any other unethical way not in accordance with sections 5 & 6. This may also include legal proceedings.

8. Terms regarding online valuation tool and car purchase

8.1 Valuation terms

You should note that any valuation you receive using the free online valuation tool is completely based on the inputs you share about your car and on some pre-set general assumptions about a vehicle. Please note that you get an option on the online valuation page to change the pre-set general assumptions. You can use that option to provide us with specific details about your vehicle or share any other additional information.

Also, note the online valuation you receive using the tool is not an offer made by us to purchase your vehicle. Rather, it is just an estimate of your vehicle's value and the amount we might be willing to pay. The final amount is decided only post-inspection of the vehicle in our workshops.

Here is a list of general assumptions that we make about your vehicle:

  • That the vehicle is not imported. This means the car is a right-hand drive model with UK registration plates.
  • The vehicle has over 6 months MOT if applicable.
  • That the car has not on any occasion used for rental services, private hire, as a police vehicle or for offering driving tuitions.
  • That the car is absolutely free from any major faults.
  • That the vehicle has no severe damage, whether interior or mechanical.
  • That the car has an engine that starts properly and can idle on its own.
  • That you have two sets of keys to your vehicle.

When we conduct the vehicle inspection at our workshop, we will verify each of these details stringently. Suppose during the inspection we find that any aspect or feature of the car affects its valuation, like its:

  • Service history,
  • General condition,
  • And other related issue, which was not apparent to us when we processed the online valuation. In that case, the price we will be willing to pay for the purchase will then differ from the one you received using our free online valuation tool.

Also, note we are absolutely not obliged to purchase any vehicle. Furthermore, we reserve the right to turn away any client from an appointment with us if they are selling their vehicle for commercial purposes. In the same way, neither of you are obliged to sell any car that you bring to an appointment with us for inspection.

8.2 Car purchase terms

Any car purchase that we make will be strictly bound by the following clauses:

i. Purchase contract

Any purchase between you and us will be bound by an agreement once both you and we agree to sign our standard written purchase contract based on terms & conditions given below.

Any negotiation between us prior to signing the contract will be considered inapplicable and will neither bind you or us.

If we purchase a car from individual sellers, we will be relying upon them for certain representation, which includes:

  • They are legally capable to enter into a contract binding required in selling a vehicle.
  • They must be at least 18 years old.
  • To the best of their knowledge they must be the sole legal owner of the car.
  • That other than any out-standing loan from some finance company the individual has already disclosed to us, no other individual has any claim to their car.
  • That the mileage reading on their car is absolutely accurate and that the odometer is not tampered in any way.
  • That they have disclosed all facts related to physical defects or any mechanical damages.
  • That their vehicle has an UK registration.
  • And they are not in any way, on their own behalf or for anyone else, selling the vehicle for any commercial purpose.

If we discover that any of these enlisted representations provided by you is inaccurate or false, we hold an absolute right to:

(a) Ask you to submit any document that we find important to verify the authenticity of the representations provided.

(b) Withdraw or decline any offer we made earlier to purchase the car.

ii. Price guarantee

Based on our physical inspection of the vehicle at our workshop, if we notice there are any changes in the estimate that you processed using our online valuation tool, we will take all endeavours to contact you to let you know the change in the value.

iii. Hand-over requirements

We will expect you to provide us with the following:

  • All the car key copies you have.
  • All the car registration documents along with adequate proof of purchase if we request for it.
  • Documents validating your car’s service history.
  • User manual (if any) and
  • All accessories such as locking wheel nuts, remote controls, etc.

In any event, if you fail to comply with the hand-over requirements mentioned in the section above, you agree that we have absolute right to withdraw, terminate or rescind any offer we made to buy the car with immediate effect.

iv. Our guarantee

We provide you with the guarantee that we are willing to buy every car model that we value. Therefore, to avoid wasting your time, if we find that there are changes in the current market value of your vehicle resulting in either a reduction or increase in its valuation, we will let you know the new valuation before your appointment with us so that you have an opportunity to cancel the transaction if you choose.

v. Payment options

We offer payment both in cash or through bank transfer. Please note all bank transfers are conveniently made via electronic transfers (BACS) to a UK bank, and it can take up to 4 days, depending upon the proceeding of your bank, for the money to get credited.

Also, note it is possible that your payment gets delayed due to certain events beyond our control. In such cases, we will not be liable to you for any such delays.

If you wish to find out more about the car purchase terms, please contact our customer service team.

9. Terms regarding links

You are allowed to link to all the publically accessible pages on our website, provided you do not use any illegal means that can do damage to our reputation or take advantage of our services in any undue manner.

Also, you should not operate or use any link to our website that will in any way suggest any form of approval, association or endorsement on our end.

We hold absolute right to make you remove any link to our website immediately at any time and at our own discretion. We can also withdraw linking permissions without any prior notice.

Also, please note we have absolutely no control over the resources or content on any third-party links to our website. These links are provided only for your information.

10. Limitation of our liability

No clause in the following terms excludes us from any liability for any personal injury or death arising from a fraud, negligence or false misrepresentation on our part or for any other actions which cannot be excluded by English law.

We will, however, not be liable to any of our clients regarding any loss, damage or costs incurred, tort or otherwise, arising out of-

1. Failing to use our website or services.

2. A virus attack or other malignant technological factors that can infect your computer device, its programs, data and other aspects from the use of this website, or when you download any content, or access any links available on the website.

3. We are also not in any way liable for any visitors use of any website or content linked to this website.

4. We do not have any liability regarding booking, cancelling, arranging or attending an appointment with us.

5. We are not liable for any loss of profits, revenue, business, or business interruption, goodwill, anticipated savings, or consequential damages when the website is used for commercial purposes.

Please note we are not under any circumstances liable for failure to perform any of the obligations enlisted under these terms due to certain events beyond our control.

11. Your limitation

Your use of the website is also bound by certain limitations. By continuing to use the website, you agree to compensate us in full for all losses we incur, including all reasonable legal fees due to:

  • Your breach of any of the clauses in these terms
  • Your use of this website or service in violation of law
  • Due to your infringement of the rights of other persons

12. Miscellaneous

If any clause of these terms is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable under any circumstances, the remaining clauses will continue to be enforceable.

You are not allowed to sub-license, assign, or transfer any of your obligations or rights to use this website under these terms & conditions to any other person. Also, note the clauses mentioned under these terms do not give rise to any rights that could be enforceable by any individual who is not a part of these terms.

Moreover, if we do not exercise a right under these terms against any individual at a time, it does not in any situation prevent us from doing so at some later date.

13. Subjected to the law of UK

Every clause under these terms & conditions, which includes its subject matter, its formation, applicable changes, etc., are governed by the English law. In case of any dispute that arises between you and us, the courts of England and Wales will have complete jurisdiction.

14. Copyright terms

We are the sole owner and the licensee of all the contents of our website. All works on our website are protected by copyright laws and treaties accepted around the world. All such rights stand reserved.

All visitors to the website can make a print or download all extracts from any page of this website essential to them for their personal use. However, no user is allowed to modify or change the paper or any digital copies, printouts, downloaded documents in any way using illustrations, photographs, graphics, video or audio.

15. Contact us

If you have any queries regarding our terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us.