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Confused about selling your car? Here’s what you need to ensure to get the best value

Selling your first car can always be a daunting task as a majority of motorists are unaware of the facts and figures. While some sell it for less, a lot of car owners are tricked by third-party companies to sell their precious vehicles for a whole less than their value. Therefore, you must know about everything that relates to a smooth and feasible car selling procedure.

While a lot of companies and agencies offer the best buy guarantee, a majority of them tends to change the price when they inspect your car closely. Thus, as a car owner, you must ensure that your vehicle goes in the right hand for the right price.

Here’s what you need to know:

What should you ensure while selling your vehicle?

Insurance and MOT

A vehicle with valid insurance and an MOT certificate always draw a greater resale value. While the MOT ensures that your car meets all the legal requirements, and insurance goes a long way to impress companies and second owners that they won’t face any penalties.

Alongside insurance, if your car’s certificates mention everything like your claim policy, pre-insurance condition and MOT, you are likely to draw a 10 per cent greater value than an owner with no insurance.

Proper maintenance of bodywork and internal parts

Every car inspector makes sure to verify that each and every component of your car is in its best working condition. From exhaust to engine, and clutch plate to the gearbox, if any of such parts are in non-satisfactory form, you might get a lower value than expected. Also, you might be asked to produce valid car service documents for each interim and major service.

In case of any scratches or dents on your vehicle’s bodywork, the price is likely to go down. You must get such errors fixed from your vehicle before you take it for inspection.

Adequate mileage

A lot of car selling companies might ask you to declare the mileage of your vehicle for a clear inspection. Please note that your declaration might be checked practically and if any discrepancy is found, you will be offered a lower price than the estimate.

The exact mileage of your vehicle is checked by both driving it and through advanced equipment to verify that no tuning has been done.

Overall Functionality

As an owner, you need to check that your vehicle functions properly other than its core benefits. For instance, the head and tail lights, comfortable seating, void of any pungent smells, cleanliness, etc. If any such problems are detected, car companies get a second chance to bargain on the overall price.

Make sure to get your vehicle washed frequently and also check for any scratches on the seat cover.


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